City of Keller


Developed by the City of Keller’s Economic Development Department, our Keep it in Keller shop local campaign aims to support and recognize our community’s businesses while helping residents and visitors discover everything there is to love about the city. Shopping local is about more than supporting local business owners and their employees; it’s about driving our local sales tax figures and enhancing our overall sense of community.

Every time you eat, shop, play and take care of business in Keller, a portion of the sales taxes you pay goes directly to supporting the city’s crime control efforts, street maintenance, and parks and recreation projects. Other funding may be directed toward additional programs, enhanced services or attracting more of the businesses our citizens want most. Growing the local economy means new jobs in our community, strong property values, additional retail, restaurant and service options for our residents, and a lower tax burden on property owners.

So what are you waiting for? The Keep it in Keller website will help you navigate the city’s restaurants, retailers and service providers as well as learn more about our Economic Development Department and the Keller community.

If you’re searching for additional details, visit